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Manisha Eerabathini


College roommates and one of my closest confidantes. It's truly been inspiring to be around Manisha since I met her. From graduating in the hardest major to pursuing her passions the last 10 years, it's a dream watching her grow into an international Telegu sensation. 🎶

Aakriti Jain


Never a dull moment with Dr. Aak Jain. Shares her talents of clumsiness with yours truly. 🤓 Somehow one of the smartest people you may meet, but also the silliest (we call her aak the cac).

Pooja Shah Jain


Pooja can quite literally make friends with and connect with anyone. Her inquisitive nature leads to hours of conversation before you know it. One of the most genuine friends and does the best job at staying in touch despite busy life schedules. 💞

Misha Jhaveri


Across the ocean but always close at heart, Misha truly made my twenties so memorable -- from her competitive Catan spirit, impressive dual accents, to wild nights across the globe, we need you back in the US . 🙃

Natasha Malhotra


High school best friend. I keep her around for the street cred :P One of the most creative, talented, and beautiful people that I know. She's been there for me through thick and thin.

Nimi Mastey


My older sister and arguably the most influential person in my life. Truly helped shape all the good parts of me :) Also gifted me with the best brother!

Shilpi Mathrani Paga


College best friend and my kawala pillalo for life. Anyone who has met Shilpi and is lucky enough to call her a friend can attest to how caring, joyful, and fun Shilpi is. Also the ultimate hype-woman. 🎉

Krishna Mehta


We've known each other since high school, but everyone would think we've been joint since birth. You can always find us together (and likely alone in a corner) in social gatherings. But we only need each other to be entertained for life 🫶

Malika Rajvanshy


Gemini birthday twins 👯‍♀️. From being crowned "Blairs" to always showing up wearing the same outfits to now living 5 minutes away from each other in Oakland, we've found ways to always stay in sync :) Always down to adventure and some of my favorite trips have been with her :)

Manali Shah


From speech contests in middle school (Manali always won 🥇) to roommates in college and to finally finding our life long partners around the same time, Manali is one of my oldest friends with whom I've experienced so much of life!

Shruti Shrivastav


One of my oldest friends from elementary school. Grateful that we've found ways to reconnect in our twenties in SF 🥰 Such a warm and welcoming presence, brings amazing energy, and truly can get along with just about anybody! Look to Shruti to send you endless Tiktoks about just about anything :P

Lalli Venkat


A lawyer (the good kind, not the Ankit kind :P), business owner (get yourself some, and extremely talented classical dancer and singer. Life of the party, amazing story teller, and just an all-around wonderful human. Also I am envious of her ability to make anyone roll on the floor laughing.