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Adi Gulati

90% sarcasm and 10% serious. 100% good guy who is seemingly always in a good mood.

Akash Baheti

The cool one. My beer pong partner for life. Always swagged out and has a huge personality, despite the small frame. Don’t challenge him to a dance battle.

Amir Patel

USC fanboy and comedy school graduate. His specialty: roasting others. Secretly a very nice guy who is always a good time. Will hit a mean dougie on the dance floor.

Azhir Wahid

My closest confidante. Always calm and collected and is my go-to for sound advice and good judgment.

Kushal Soni

All hail Caesar. Smart, funny, and highly talented. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet and also one of the weirdest. If you want to learn about day trading, jewelry, or binance, he’s your guy.

Mutahhar Sajjad

Party planner (and attender) extraordinaire with the gift of gab. Is the primary reason the friend group has been able to stay close through the years.

Neil Patel

Quiet and reserved, until he’s not. And then he is just the opposite. He is good at just about everything. The ultimate competitor.

Nikesh Bhakta

Closest thing I’ve had to a rival growing up. Started as cousins but ended up as best friends. Quirky and emotional, but is always there when you need him–especially if you need a good laugh.

Ryan Maharaj

Fun-loving and jolly, with a touch of sass. Will likely give you a new name. Has a knack for getting himself in sticky situations, but is always showing up on the highlight reel of group hangouts.

Umer Memon

Pakistani on the outside, Gujarati businessman on the inside. My go-to for budget fashion and value plays. Humble, hard-working, hungry (in more ways than one). One of my role models even though he is a couple years younger. Love how he conducts himself.

Sunny Shah

You probably already know Sunny. Because everyone knows Sunny. One of the friendliest and most caring guys I know, when he’s not being a diva.

Vinit Parikh

Fitness enthusiast, successful software engineer, and extremely talented DJ. And none of it came easy. One of the most determined and hard-working guys I know. When he’s got a goal, nothing is standing in his way.