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Nidhi and Ankit

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Our Story

Yep, that’s us. You’re probably wondering how we ended up here. It all started with a cold, rainy day in Yonkers, New York circa December 17, 1991. Ok, maybe we don’t have to go quite that far back.

💌 The DM Slide 09-30-21 💌

Ankit: What’s the worst that could happen? If she doesn’t respond or isn’t interested, at least you put a smile on her face and boost her confidence. If it ends up going well, it could be the best decision you ever made.

Nidhi: Hmm interesting, another guy in my DMs. Oh wait, I might know this guy. Aww sweet message. I guess it’s just a phone call—what’s the worst that could happen?

💞 The Start of Something New 11-07-21 💞

After roughly 5 weeks of zoom dates and phone calls, a lawyer from the great city of Ontario (yep, you read that right) hopped on a flight to meet his virtual crush. It’s safe to say there were some first-day jitters. After taking in the beautiful lake views from Nidhi’s apartment, the two decided to grab a glass of wine and take a stroll around the lake. Ankit managed to sneak a portable speaker in the hoodie of his sweatshirt before the two left.
When the moment was right, Ankit asked Nidhi if she would dance with him, pulling out the speaker and playing “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran. With the moonlight and string lights glistening off the lake, they shared their first dance and the release of any nervous energy pent up from a virtual-only relationship. What followed was a first date for the ages, straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. A delicious vegan meal at Millenium with a waiter who told the entire kitchen staff about their love story. An entire Veteran’s Day full of games, frolicking around San Francisco, and enjoying each others’ company.

Despite the relationship being fairly new, they knew early on that they were meant to be together. They connected over their growth mindset, competitive spirit, the importance of honesty and communication, their love of family, and their general perspective on how they envision living their best lives.

💍 The Proposal 10-22-22 💍

How do you surprise someone as nosy as Nidhi, especially when she knows a proposal is approaching within the next 6 months or so? A jeweler who plays along and feigns difficulty with procuring the diamond (thanks Kushal). A mom who keeps applying pressure to get married knowing full well the big day was coming. A future husband with a near obsession with fantasy football so it can shoulder the blame for any clandestine activities or near-misses. A sister and brother-in-law of the future bride to help with an impromptu cancellation of the hike to instead set up the proposal spot. And let’s not forget families and friends of the couple that helped with food, decor, libations, and everything in between.

After a fairly strenuous hike through the beautiful redwoods of Oakland, Nidhi stumbled upon a proposal set-up tucked away to the side of the trail. Ankit took her hand to the picturesque setup, and nidhi blacked out and began dry-heaving. Not exactly how he had drawn it up, but hey, at least she was surprised! A cute little havanese dog appears to congratulate the couple, along with the aforementioned sister and brother-in-law (Nimi and Viral). Special shout out to the undercover photographer/cousin who helped capture the special memory (thanks Nirmi).

Dressed as though we were lounging around Nidhi’s nook for a lazy Saturday, we made our way to a picnic with friends and family dressed in all white (and fortunately a change of clothes for the future bride and groom). The picnic concluded and after some prolonged (fake) good-byes, everyone parted to get ready for evening plans. Still not sure how Nidhi bought this part of the plan.

After freshening up and putting on our Sunday Best, we went to the scene of where it all began (Millenium). Another Nidhi surprise face, delicious vegan food, beautiful outdoor patio setting, some engagement games (with an admittedly poor performance by Ankit), and an afterparty at one of the most unique venues in all of Northern California–Nimi and Viral’s house. All in all, it was an unforgettable day for us, and from the bottom of our hearts, we are thankful for everyone who was able to attend and had a hand in having it all come together.

And now? Well you are here for a reason. We cannot wait to celebrate with you all as we take that next big step and say “I do!” What’s in store: tropical temperatures, scenic architecture, mouth-watering food, gorgeous pools and beaches, charming decor, amazing company, and good vibes. See you there! :)